Watch ‘Ozark’ and ‘The OA’ musician Saunder Jurriaans’ new video for ‘Easy Now’

It's taken from his forthcoming debut album ‘Beasts’

Saunder Jurriaans, the man behind some of the music for shows such as Ozark and The OA, has shared a video for his new song, ‘Easy Now’ – watch it first on NME below.

The song, taken from his forthcoming album ‘Beasts’, which is to be released by Decca on September 18, is a deeply personal moment for the singer, songwriter and composer, who wrote the track during a four-month period when Jurriaans and his Argentinian wife were living in Buenos Aires.

“That song very much dealt with our relationship at that time, which was on the rocks for a few years,” Jurriaans said. “My wife and I would sing it onstage together. It’s a song about us, but has since evolved to be about much more.”


Accompanied by a breathtaking video made by Brady Corbet (Vox Lux, The Childhood Of A Leader), it features award winning choreographer and film director Celia Rowlson-Hall (choreographer for Alicia Keys, MGMT, Chromeo, and more) dancing on the back of a lorry at 60 mph.

Watch the video for ‘Easy Now’ below:

Speaking on the video’s background, Corbet said: “The video for ‘Easy Now’ was another opportunity to work with two of my favourite people and collaborators in Saunder Jurriaans and Celia Rowlson-Hall.

“As it was photographed in Springs, NY during the state-wide quarantine, the camera maintains a distance of six feet from the performance and the post-production was carried out remotely. The landscape featured in the video is down the road from Jackson Pollock’s house where he also died in a nearby auto crash.”

Over the past decade, Jurriaans has been one half of an award winning duo with Danny Bensi creating soundtracks. Together the pair have created music for over 100 film and TV shows, including Ozark, The OA, American Gods, Barry, Chef’s Table and Boy Erased as well as acclaimed arthouse films such as Martha Marcy May Marlene, Enemy, The One I Love, The Fits and the new HBO series The Outsider.


Last month, Jurriaans and Bensi were nominated for this year’s Emmy Awards for their work on the music for Ozark Series 3.

Jurriaans’ solo debut ‘Beasts’ arrives on September 18, and, according to the musician, it explores deeply personal themes throughout the record.

“These songs were written after a difficult number of years dealing with depression,” he said. “They were written when I was coming out of that period, but they’re about how this darker side of me has stayed with me, and about trying to reconcile how to live with that person.”

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