Watch Parcels play an acoustic version of ‘Comingback’ from the idyllic Painted Hills

The band initially released ‘Comingback’ as a single last month

Byron Bay pop outfit Parcels have shared a new take on their latest single, ‘Comingback’, performing it acoustically from the desert landscapes of the Painted Hills in South Australia.

The five-piece first released ‘Comingback’ as a single last month, alongside a film clip that was also shot in the Australian outback (albeit in the New South Wales town of Silverton). The track itself feels much more laidback in its acoustic form, trading bold keyboard leads and opulent strings for bright, layered acoustic guitars, tambourines and warm vocal harmonies.

Take a look at the video of Parcels playing ‘Comingback’ live, directed by longtime collaborator Oliver Rose, below:


In a press release, the band explained that the concept for their ‘Comingback’ redux came from a transcendent experience they had during a tour of regional Australia.

“We were playing our music to the furthest corner of the world, in the remotest pub in Australia, to about ten to 15 people. A man with white hair and an important stature approached us as we finished our last song for the night, and quickly shook our hands. He was the mayor of the town named Trevor, and owned all of it: the caravan park, and the pub.

“But as he explained, other than looking after his beautiful old pub and its people, his real passion was flying. So he invited us to fly with him in his single propeller plane, over the largest owned property in Australia. Spanning seven million acres, it had no signs for life, other than an apparent handful of dirt roads.

“We couldn’t see where those dirt roads were. We’d never seen such untouched land. It was like flying over a different planet! He dropped us off where the flat planes grew to cliffs, and we walked on land that had no footsteps or bird as, only honeycomb and purple coloured rocks that disintegrated into your fingers.

“We got the guitars out of the ten-seater plane and began to sing ‘Comingback’. We’d never felt us hit the point of the song so on the head. We had arrived.”


‘Comingback’ is Parcels’ second release for 2021, following the single ‘Free’ back in June. ‘Free’ also received a live video a month after its release, performing it at the Silverton Hotel. Both tracks will appear on the band’s forthcoming second album, due for release before the year’s end.

The new LP will come as a follow-up to Parcels’ self-titled 2018 debut, which they chased with a live album, aptly titled ‘Live Vol. 1’, in 2020.

In a five-star review of the self-titled album, NME’s Thomas Smith said: “In a time when new acts are pressured into releasing as much music as possible, it’s commendable that Parcels have taken control of their destiny with a project that’s well thought out and engaging from start-to-finish.”

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