Watch Planet perform an “isolation version” of latest single ‘Resign’

Filmed in lockdown, the new version is a sparse piano and vocal arrangement

Sydney band Planet – whose members are stuck at home as the city remains under coronavirus lockdown restrictions – have shared a stripped-back “isolation version” of their latest single ‘Resign’.

In contrast to the lushly-textured, lively original, the new version is a relatively sparse, sombre vocal and piano arrangement, with the band’s Matty Took and Tom Peppitt performing their respective takes remotely.

Watch Planet’s isolated ‘Resign’ performance below:


Planet returned with ‘Resign’ earlier this month, marking their first single since releasing 2020 EP ‘Maybe Someday’ and signing with their new label, Dew Process.

“‘Resign’ is a pop summer anthem with the instrumentation hitting you straight in the face,” Took said in a statement upon its release. “Lyrically it’s about not being enough in someone’s eyes, and it affects you to the point of collapse but trying to break past it to make it work.”

Peppitt added that ‘Resign’ marked the band’s first track to be released that was written completely in lockdown.

“I had the chorus laying in the vault and sent it back and forth with Matty, fleshing it out and finishing it off,” he said. “It was an obvious first single choice for us, doesn’t stray too far from our sound and is super upbeat and catchy.”