Watch Rebel Yell’s full-length ‘Fall From Grace’ aerobics video

The producer will be hosting a series of in-person classes in Sydney this month

Rebel Yell – AKA Grace Stevenson – has shared a full-length aerobics video to accompany latest album ‘Fall from Grace’, which arrived earlier this year. The 40-minute clip sees the Sydney producer (backed by Marcus Whale and FBi Radio’s Darren Lesaguis) run through workouts for each of the album’s tracks.

Paired with the pulsating techno of ‘Fall From Grace’ – a record Stevenson has described as an exploration of body, beat and groove – it feels like an appropriate way of experiencing a particularly physical album. It’ll be available to download via the Rebel Yell Bandcamp page for a donation from tomorrow.

Check the video out below:


Stevenson says physicality has long been a key element of her creative process, and decided to make the video in the absence of traditional, movement-heavy live performances and touring.

“I had been going to these ’80s aerobics classes and even did the ‘Night Drive’ clip using choreography from them, as well as doing the workouts in my backyard with my housemate. So I decided to make a workout video to experience the album because I haven’t been able to tour,” she explained.

“Music and exercise makes sense to me and aerobics builds strength rather than expression. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance, but this way it can be focused on fitness and strength and process, something I think is very Rebel Yell”.

Stevenson will be hosting a series of limited capacity live classes in Sydney over the next two weekends, with a pair of sessions at Dance Central in Surry Hills and ESCAC in Darlinghurst. More info on that here.


Stevenson released ‘Fall From Grace’ back in July via Rice Is Nice. Upon its release, NME wrote the album uses “the conventions of its industrial-tinged techno as a backdrop for introspection, identity and shared understanding.”

“Anchored by throbbing synths and hypnotic beats, Rebel Yell’s latest still offers searing, bass-heavy bangers, but underneath lies a call for vulnerability against complacency, empathy over apathy – one that resounds far beyond the dancefloor.”