Watch Rico Nasty’s trippy video for new single ‘Vaderz’

It comes after the rapper shared the stage with Doja Cat over the weekend at Coachella

Rico Nasty has shared the video for her new single ‘Vaderz’, featuring Bktherula.

The trippy clip, which you can view below, sees the duo referencing everyone from Gordon Ramsay to Marilyn Manson.

This ain’t no double life, bitch it’s really the way that I live/ Talk down on us then you might lose a limb/ I be stepping on bitches like I’m wearing Timbs,” raps Nasty.


It comes after the rapper teamed up with Doja Cat at Coachella over the weekend for ‘Tia Tamera’, a single taken from the deluxe version of Doja Cat’s debut album ‘Amala’.

Earlier this year, Nasty spoke out out about how she finds fans encouraging her to twerk on stage during a performance “disrespectful”.

Discussing how fans often hold their phones up to her with the word “twerk” while she’s on stage performing, she said: “This is probably the worst thing that you could put up while a female rapper is performing, even if she is gonna twerk, even if that’s what she does. This is so disrespectful.”

She continued: “It’s pointing to this ever being why I’m on stage or pertaining to anything I’ve ever done in my career. That’s not what I do. You go on my Instagram right now. Do I have videos doing this? There’s people that do and they look great doing it but I don’t do this.

“And for all my young girls…I mean, you do what you want to do and it’s all lit and fun… I’m just trying to make art and perform my songs and go. I’m not trying to be something that I’m not. You shouldn’t try to make somebody something that they’re not.”


Her comments echoed similar remarks she made in The Big Read with NME in 2020 after she discussed the impact of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s controversial track ‘WAP’, and how it offered liberation to many with regards to sexuality.

“Let these guys know that they can’t tell you what to do. I’mma shake this ass, and you’re going to watch it and you’re going to pay my bills,” she said at the time.

“I love it because it’s time women stop worrying about what men think about them. We might not say we are, but [women can be] really mean and like ‘That’s that hoe shit!’ and it’s really not. It’s really just having fun and enjoying your life.”

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