Watch RINSE perform ‘Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’ for baked sessions

Featuring Hatchie on keyboards

RINSE, aka Joe Agius, is the latest act to record a studio performance for baked sessions.

The frequent Hatchie collaborator performed his debut single ‘Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’ with his sextet band in tow and Hatchie herself on keyboards – watch it below:


In a statement alongside the performance, Agius said “the song talks about a time in my life when I was wrapped up in a lifestyle that wasn’t doing great things for my mental health”.

“I lived in a place that only really encouraged that behaviour.”

Agius first debuted ‘Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’ and the RINSE moniker back in March, after spending most of the 2010s fronting The Creases and playing as part of Hatchie’s band.

Agius said the new music “sonically… ​sits in the middle of a lot of the music I have been recording and for that reason feels like the right place to begin”. The RINSE project is set to feature a “rotating cast of collaborators and live members”.

Last week, RINSE shared a series of remixes of his second single ‘Trust In Me’ from K.I.M (Kim Moyes) of The Presets, Goodchild from Confidence Man and Los Angeles producer Orchin. He first released the track in June.