Watch Robyn perform ‘Dancing On My Own’ in new quarantine video

The song recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary

Robyn has shared a new quarantine video of her performing ‘Dancing On My Own’ while holding a selfie stick – watch it below.

In the video, which was directed by Crille Forsberg, Maria ‘Decida’ Wahlberg, and Robyn herself, the Swedish singer can be seen dancing at home in a room of mirrors. The video’s lighting was provided by Aila Esko.

Watch her performance below:


‘Dancing On My Own’ has taken on a whole new meaning as of late due to lockdown regulations, with an accompanying TikTok challenge from Robyn herself.

The song, taken from the 2010 album ‘Body Talk Pt. 1’, recently turned 10 years old. Celebrating the milestone in a recent interview with the BBC, Robyn said she’s proud of ‘Dancing On My Own’ because it features elements of “many different worlds” she loves including: “Prince songs, 80s rock ballads and queer electronica.”

In February, Robyn was honoured as the Songwriter Of The Decade at the NME Awards 2020 in London for ‘Dancing On My Own’.

“I’ve prepared a long speech. I feel like I’m at the awards show at the Fifth Element, the [Luc Besson] film and I’m very flattered for the appreciation that NME has shown me over the years,” she said in her acceptance speech. “But this is kind of a lifelong prize to be the Songwriter Of The Decade and I appreciate it so much.”


Meanwhile, Robyn has said that attending regular therapy sessions helped her to “understand myself a little bit better.

The singer discussed her mental health on a recent episode of Annie Mac’s Changes podcast and explained how she first saw a therapist 10 years ago while dealing with a “really challenging” relationship.

She said: “I felt super-vulnerable. And so I started therapy. It wasn’t even a plan. I just did it like it was some kind of instinct to understand myself a little bit better.”

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