Watch Ruel & Genesis Owusu team up with Billy Davis for acoustic ‘Dream No More’ rendition

Following Ruel providing backup vocals to tracks on Genesis Owusu's debut album

Ruel and Genesis Owusu have once again teamed up with producer Billy Davis for an acoustic performance of their song ‘Dream No More’.

The performance takes place in a studio, with Davis at a piano and both Ruel and Owusu sitting delivering their respective vocals.

The acoustic rendition of the song comes shortly after the trio released the original version late last month, marking Davis’ first release of 2021.


Watch the acoustic performance of ‘Dream No More’ below:

Despite only releasing his latest EP ‘Bright Lights, Red Eyes’ in October of last year, ‘Dream No More’ is Ruel’s second release of the year so far, following the release of his track ‘too many feelings’ in February.

Genesis Owusu, however, has just come off the back of the release of his debut album, ‘Smiling With No Teeth’.

In a review of the albumNME‘s Cyclone Wehner wrote, “With ‘Smiling With No Teeth’, Genesis Owusu has delivered a riveting album that underscores the power of self-knowledge, perspective and art – one that should be cranked loud.”


In fact, Ruel contributed to Owusu’s album, singing backup vocals to both the album’s title track and ‘Gold Chains’.