Watch Sarah Mary Chadwick wander through a Halloween fairground in ‘Please Daddy’ video

The songwriter's sixth album was released back in January

Sarah Mary Chadwick released her sixth studio album ‘Please Daddy’ back in January. Now, the Melbourne singer-songwriter has shared a music video for the title track, which you can watch exclusively via NME Australia below.

The video was directed by Brent Griffin (aka SPOD) and sees Chadwick wander through Luna Park on Halloween. It’s a stunning visual accompaniment that culminates in the songwriter walking through a flashing hall of mirrors.

Watch it below:


“I love Luna Park,” Chadwick told NME Australia. “Brent and I went on Halloween by accident and there were heaps of characters. The ghost train wasn’t as good as I remembered.”

In addition, Chadwick has shared the demo recording of the track, taken from her ‘Please Daddy, The Demos’ collection released earlier this month. The collection is only available to be heard in full by purchasing it from Bandcamp, a move by Chadwick’s labels Rice Is Nice and Sinderlyn to support her throughout the coronavirus pandemic. One hundred per cent of sales from the release will go directly to Chadwick.

Listen to the collection below:

‘Please Daddy, The Demos’ contains early versions of each song from the studio album. Chadwick recorded the tracks solo before full band arrangements were added later on.


“I tend to believe and tell people that when I song-write, things come out fully formed and quickly,” explained Chadwick.

“When I revisited the demos I recorded for ‘Please Daddy’ I was interested to hear how the songs had initially been relatively different to how they ended up on the record.”

The stripped-back sketches reveal the earliest recordings of the album, a collection of meditations on grief and mental health that Chadwick engineered with longtime collaborator Geoffrey O’Connor and Evelyn Ida Morris.


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