Watch Shady Nasty perform ‘CLUBSMOKE’ in full

The Sydney trio rip through their latest EP as part of a new series from Sydney performing arts space Phoenix Central Park

Shady Nasty have performed their new EP ‘CLUBSMOKE’ in full as part of a new series by Sydney performing arts space and gallery Phoenix Central Park.

The genre-defiant trio rip through all four of the EP’s tracks – ‘IBIZA’, ‘ATHLEAN-X’, ‘PRETTYB0YZ’ and ‘R0LL1N’ H1LLZ’ – in sequence, bringing a grit and rawness to the tracks that contrasts with the crisp production on their studio counterparts.

With the ambient blue lighting and array of different angles, it’s also a particularly well-captured performance, with creative direction from Tanya Babic and Jason Sukadana of SUBVERSUS. Watch Shady Nasty perform ‘CLUBSMOKE’ in full below.


Shady Nasty’s performance was filmed as part of a new series by Phoenix Central Park called HALO, which the space describes as a “survey of Sydney’s musical community emerging from lockdown”.

From over 500 applications, 20 acts and 67 performers were chosen for the series and filmed over a six-day period, each representing “a distinct sub-culture” from the city’s artistic landscape. Other artists to take part in the series include Jack Colwell and Okenyo.

Shady Nasty released ‘CLUBSMOKE’ back in October, following on from 2020 debut EP ‘Bad Posture’. Speaking to NME earlier this year, drummer Luca Watson described drawing on consumerist culture and self-indulgence for inspiration on ‘CLUBSMOKE’.

“The whole EP was based on a deep attraction to the aesthetic of luxury, cosmetics, and beautification and all that sort of shit,” Watson explained.


“But also being deeply revolted by it at the same time. I’m so glad that this [luxury] exists. It’s hypnotising. It’s like drinking a Slurpee; a crazy sugary hit. But you feel like pretty shit after it.”