Watch Stormzy explain what “wastemen” means in wholesome primary school interview

He's also asked why he dislikes Boris Johnson

Stormzy has visited his old primary school to be interviewed by children on various topics, with one pupil asking him what “wastemen” means.

The rapper, who released his second album ‘Heavy Is The Head’ last week, returned to Kensington Avenue Primary School in Thornton Heath to be quizzed by current students for a new Noisey video.

During the clip, one girl asks Stormzy: “Why do you not like wastemen? They come every Wednesday and do a good job,” referring to waste and recycling collectors.


Cleary amused, Stormzy says that he “likes those men” before explaining that he’s referring to “people that waste your time”.

Elsewhere in the video, the Croydon MC is asked why he dislikes Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Boris is a very, very bad man,” he replies. “You know like the Big Bad Wolf? He’s gonna come down and blow your houses down – that’s why we don’t like Boris [Laughs].”

After one child asks how he became a well-known celebrity, Stormzy responds: “I worked hard at what I love. I always think you shouldn’t want to be a celebrity, you should want to do something you love, and then that will make you a celebrity.”

Other questions range from which fellow celebrity he’d like to “snog”, to being pressed on a definition for the term “peng ting”. You can watch the full clip above.

This comes after Stormzy received a phone call from one of his old primary school teachers during a radio interview. Emma Cook, who phoned in to BBC Radio 2, recalled that the artist was “a great writer” as a child.


Meanwhile, the MC is among the contenders vying for Christmas number one this week in both the UK singles and albums charts.