Watch Sweet Whirl perform ‘Weirdo’ with Gregor

The first recorded live performance of the 'How Much Works' track

Sweet Whirl is the latest artist to perform for MPavillion’s Walsh Street Music Program, delivering a tender rendition of ‘Weirdo’ with her labelmate Gregor.

The six-part live music series showcases Melbourne musicians playing in the famed family home of architect Robin Boyd. Sweet Whirl plays bass in the clip, while Gregor contributes his distinctive baritone backing vocals, and analogue synthesiser.

Watch it below.


Last week, Kee’ahn kicked off the performance series with a rendition of her debut single ‘Better Things’.

In the weeks to come, Gregor will appear again in a solo performance, while Chinese-Australian guzheng composer Mindy Meng Wang, Melbourne rapper BabyT and Sleeper & Snake will also perform.

‘Weirdo’ is taken from Sweet Whirl’s “true” debut album, ‘How Much Works’, released earlier this year. In an interview with NME, Sweet Whirl spoke about the line in the song, “I’ve read my Camus / I’ve read my Sartre / Still drunk the morning after.

“It’s being the whole drunken philosopher, beat-type person taking yourself very seriously but also never really finishing the book ’cause you just get pissed,” she said.


“I also used to read a lot of Ginsberg poetry and Kerouac, even though it’s so cliché. The way they just spit out words is very rhythmic, but it’s also very easy and real. They really just talk about their lives. There is something about that that always just freed me up, where you talk about your life, you don’t make it too abstract or fancy. It’s all there.”

Sweet Whirl is set to perform in person for the first time since the record’s release on the new Malthouse Outdoor Stage in Melbourne in January, as part of its launch 10-day concert series.