Watch Tash Sultana perform a new song, tentatively titled ‘Let The Light In’, on Instagram

It'll likely appear on Sultana's new album, 'Terra Firma'

Tash Sultana has shared a new song, tentatively titled ‘Let The Light In’, on their Instagram account.

The singer-songwriter uploaded the performance on May 19, with the caption “If looks could kill I’d be dead, take up the right side of the bed”.

The video sees Sultana sing over stripped-back guitar, sans the usual loop pedal or heavy reverb. Watch it below:


The new song will likely make it to the tracklist of Sultana’s new album ‘Terra Firma’, the musician told NME on May 21.

“It’s looking like it’s going to be the outro and probably called ‘Let The Light In’,” they said.

“I wrote it about my partner and it’s just something that seems like a nice fitting for the end of the album.”

Sultana was the cover star of NME Australia’s inaugural print issue last month. Earlier in April, Sultana shared the single ‘Pretty Lady’, later following that up with a special dance challenge on Instagram.

Terra firma is the ground, the earth, you put your feet on it to remember where you are, what you’re from,” Sultana told NME of the title of the new album. “It’s a reminder that we are only human at the end of the day. Part of one big system and no one really knows the answers to how and why.”


For the new record, Sultana will be working with a backing band. “I know I can play alone, that’s really easy for me. But I don’t know I can do this so I need to prove it. I haven’t shared the space with people for a long time,” they said.

“But with [‘Terra Firma’], I didn’t want to have any limitations, sonically. I realised, ‘Hang on, I can just sing this song. I don’t have to do the whole shebang’. So I went on a quest to find a band.”

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