Watch Tash Sultana’s live studio performance of ‘Gemini’

The track features on Sultana's EP 'Notion'

Tash Sultana has released another “studio jam” recording of one of their songs. This time, it’s their 2016 track ‘Gemini’.

Similar to a previous rendition of their single ‘Willow Tree’ last week, the live performance sees the multi-instrumentalist move between keys, percussion, brass and vocals to deliver the looped track.

Watch the clip below:


The recording arrives as Sultana gears up to perform the final solo loop show for their 2018 debut album ‘Flow State’ this weekend.

“Here’s a trip down memory lane with this track, I’ll be performing my last solo looping show this Saturday in Sydney,” they said.

“Please don’t stress about me quitting because I’m definitely not, it’s just that my new album’s on the way and it’s a whole new show.”

Sultana had previously alluded to how they were integrating their forthcoming album, ‘Terra Firma’ into their new live set. Confirmed for a February release, ‘Terra Firma’ will include the previously-released tracks ‘Willow Tree’, ‘Pretty Lady’, ‘Greed’ and ‘Beyond the Pine’.

“I didn’t realise that I needed to create a space and home for myself to feel like a person again. I just went inward and found a really peaceful place and wrote an album, and I feel really happy with it,” they said of the new LP.


“The new live show is everything the live show already was, plus three other people on the stage for a small section of the show.”

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