Watch Tash Sultana’s two-hour Great Southern Nights show in full

Performed at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion

Tash Sultana has shared the full video recording of their live set at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion over the weekend.

Sultana’s two-hour performance took place in front of an in-person audience yesterday evening (November 28). Tracks performed during the set include ‘Gemini’, ‘Pretty Lady’, ‘Big Smoke’ and breakthrough track ‘Jungle’, among others.

Watch the set below:


Sultana’s Hordern Pavilion show was part of the Great Southern Nights performance series, which wraps up this weekend. Organised by the New South Wales Government, the festival was designed to revitalise the live music sector following the abrupt stand-still caused by the pandemic. More than 1,000 shows across the state were organised.

The live performance follows a number of ‘studio jam’ recordings Sultana has published on their YouTube channel. The clips showcase the singer’s multi-instrumental talent as they move between percussion, brass, keys and vocals to loop the tracks.

In their recent recording for ‘Gemini’, the singer alluded to how their Hordern Pavilion set would be their final loop show focused on their debut album, ‘Flow State’.

“Please don’t stress about me quitting because I’m definitely not, it’s just that my new album’s on the way and it’s a whole new show,” they said.


Tash Sultana’s forthcoming album ‘Terra Firma’, is set for a February release. The album will include the previously-released tracks ‘Willow Tree’, ‘Pretty Lady’, ‘Greed’ and ‘Beyond the Pine’.

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