Watch the hunger-inducing video for Larsen’s new single ‘Eating Me Alive’

Marking the Adelaide band's first single of 2021

Adelaide alt-rock outfit Larsen have lifted the lid on an angsty new single titled ‘Eating Me Alive’.

Channeling the acts that ruled Australia’s rock scene when the four-piece were coming of age (such as Kisschasy and Faker), the track features duelling lead guitars, punchy drums and an explosive chorus.

Watch the video for ‘Eating Me Alive’, produced by Katrina Penning below:


In a press release, Penning explained her desire to capture Larsen’s less serious side.

“I wanted to showcase the chase for ‘completeness’, but I also wanted it to be fun and a bit silly,” she said. “So with inspiration from the ‘eating me alive’ line, I thought I’d get the band to stuff their guts, and have a noodle picnic as their triumph!”

“We had a blast making the film clip,” said drummer Alex Andrews. “Kat’s vision was great, and we are so stoked with the outcome, particularly stylistically in how the shots themselves came out.”

The song itself touches on themes of personal growth and ambition. In Andrews’ words, “We are not defined by our ambitions or the person we think we need to become to achieve them”.

“Accepting that expectations for achieving your goals can be unrealistic is a key part of the song,” he said. “Just because you haven’t reached those heights yet doesn’t mean you should feel defeated by that, nor should you change who you are or become someone else entirely just to do it.”


‘Eating Me Alive’ marks the band’s first new material for 2021, following the standalone singles ‘Where Is My Mind?’, ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Yours Sincerely’ last year. The band’s debut album, ‘Weightless Again’, was released back in 2017.