Watch The Killers perform a cover of The Lathums’ ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’

"We've had the great pleasure of playing a few shows with The Lathums. They are a great band from the UK," Brandon Flowers said

The Killers covered The Lathums’ ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ at their show in Austria last night (July 12), inviting Lathums frontman Alex Moore to sing with them.

The band are currently on tour in Europe, before they head back to North America in August. During their show in Austria, The Killers played two covers – Joy Division‘s ‘Shadowplay’ and The Lathums’ ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’.

The latter cover came after their 2021 track ‘A Dustland Fairytale’, with Brandon Flowers telling the crowd “We’ve had the great pleasure of playing a few shows with The Lathums. They are a great band from the UK,” before inviting Alex on stage.


He continued: “I first heard about them from this song, it’s called ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ and it’s a beautiful song. We’re going to share it with you now.”

‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ is from The Lathums’ 2021 album of the same name.

In a four star review of the album, NME said: “It’s a shame the band omitted rousing early anthem and live centrepiece ‘All My Life’ from the record due to “there literally being no room for it”. It’s easily one of their strongest tracks, but the fact they can leave it out and still succeed is testament to an album that brims with hope and heartbreak.”

The Killers’ seventh studio effort, ‘Pressure Machine’, came out in August 2021. Earlier this month, the band revealed that they’re planning to release a brand new album sometime early next year.

“We just had a few days off and Stuart [Price, producer] came and visited us on the road,” Flowers told NME at last week’s Mad Cool Festival in Madrid. “We’re sending things back and forth, and ideas. I’m talking with Shawn Everett [producer] too, and it’s nice to have that combo.”


Asked if fans can expect to hear a new album this year, Flowers said a “full record will probably be early next year”, but added that there will “definitely” be some singles released this year. The band also debuted new song ‘Boy’ at Mad Cool Festival, which Flowers explained was a track leftover from ‘Pressure Machine‘.

Meanwhile, The Lathums shared their new single ‘Sad Face Baby’ back in April. Reflecting on the track and the last two years of the band, Alex Moore said: “The Lathums has been a world of opportunity for us, but things still get to you.

“We have had to come to understand each other more and the ways the world works around us. Naivety and innocence have been lost and ‘Sad Face Baby’ is the sharper edge of what we can do as a band.”