Watch the new video for Teether and Bayang’s ‘Sleep Debt’

The track comes from Teether's newly-released album 'Desert Visuals'

Melbourne rapper Teether has shared a new video for ‘Sleep Debt’ featuring Bayang. The track appears on the former’s new album ‘Desert Visuals’, which arrived earlier this month.

A poignant meditation on place, ‘Sleep Debt’ is perhaps best explained with a line from Bayang’s verse – “My dreams are too big for this city”.

Watch the video for ‘Sleep Debt’ below:


A standout on the 16-track release, ‘Sleep Debt’ is a collaborative track written by both Teether and Bayang – you may recognise the latter as the vocalist for now-defunct metal outfit Dispossessed.

‘Desert Visuals’ was released back on August 4 on Melbourne’s X Amount Records after a lengthy gestation period. The album arrives after a pair of collaborative projects from Teether last year – ‘Don’t Come Back Here’ with Stoneset and ‘Leave Yourself Alone’ with Realname. Both artists also appear on ‘Desert Visuals’ alongside contributions from Nini, Malcolmtopaz, Frimpong, Mr. Society and psnotes.

“After three years of in-betweens, little sleep and too much time to think, there remains the residue of both gradual and sudden distance. This album is observations of an ever-changing environment from the perspective of an ever-changing self,” Teether explained in a statement alongside ‘Desert Visuals’.

“I made these songs in the moments I needed them most. It can be hard to keep pace. It’s almost impossible to know who you are. Despite my reservations though, I couldn’t help but wonder.”

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