Watch the Teskey Brothers and Emma Donovan cover Archie Roach’s ‘Get Back to the Land’

Roach said listening to the new version gives him "goosebumps"

The Teskey Brothers have enlisted singer-songwriter Emma Donovan for a cover of Archie Roach‘s 2016 song ‘Get Back to the Land’.

The song originally appeared on Roach’s 2016 album ‘Let Love Rule’. The Teskey Brothers and Donovan’s interpretation stays relatively faithful to the core elements, adding some of the band’s distinctive twang with a complementary pedal steel guitar part underneath.

The cover arrives alongside a video filmed by Bridgette Winten and edited by Nick Mckk which shows the band and Donovan performing the track. Watch that below:


“This song is very special to all our hearts,” commented Josh Teskey. “Archie Roach – what a legend! He really hit a nerve with this one. Something we’ve all felt from time-to-time while travelling, that yearning to get back to the land we know.

“It was such an honour and privilege to share lead vocals with Emma Donovan. She is absolutely incredible on this track!”

In his own statement, Roach praised the Teskey Brothers and Donovan’s take on the song. “Listening to the Teskey Brothers’ version of ‘Get Back to the Land’ gives me goosebumps. It’s good to see the Deadly Emma Donovan singing with Josh; their voices mesh,” he said.

“This version is just dripping with soul. To hear one of your own songs that has been taken to another level is really touching. I feel so humbled.”