Watch the trailer for Youngn Lipz’s debut album ‘Area Baby’

'Area Baby' is due out on Friday August 6

Youngn Lipz is set to release his debut album ‘Area Baby’ in just a few weeks, and now he’s released a trailer for it that captures his career thus far.

The Western Sydney singer/rapper shared the trailer on Instagram yesterday (July 19), explaining in the caption how hard he’s been working on his debut project.

“Been working day n night on my first album,” he wrote. “Straight out not too long ago I was on my ass n had my head in my hands.


“Ain’t no way I’m going back to that”, he continued, “go get yours n don’t let yourself stop you from being the best you ye.”

Watch the trailer below.

‘Area Baby’ is set for release on Friday August 6 and is available for pre-order now via Youngn Lipz’s website. The album is touted as “deeply autobiographical” with promises to “deliver a profoundly Western Sydney story to the world”.

Youngn Lipz has been teasing the album throughout recent months with a steady release of singles. The first to be lifted from the album, ‘Spaceship’, dropped in May. It was produced by HP Boyz and Hooligan Hefs collaborator Colcci.

Youngn Lipz followed ‘Spaceship’ up with the vulnerable ‘Broken Home’, which he described as his favourite song he’s ever written.


“I always get asked what my favourite song of mine is and I say the same thing every time, it’s not released yet,” he said on social media.

“If I’m being honest then this is it. Haven’t dropped anything this personal but this what made me.”