Watch the ultra-trippy video for Liars’ new single ‘Big Appetite’

Described as "delirious unhinged euphoria" – and quite accurately so

Liars have released a grungy new single titled ‘Big Appetite’, along with a dizzying film clip.

The track marks a striking departure from the polychromatic electronica Angus Andrew explored on last month’s release, ‘Sekwar’. The new track simmers with a palate of warm, slightly sinister electric guitars and understated analogue percussion. It’s notably more strait-laced than the typically fantastical art-rock Liars are best known for.

Watch the Clemens Habicht-directed video for ‘Big Appetite’ below:


As Habicht explained in a press release, his concept for the ‘Big Appetite’ video was to imitate the hypnotising surreality of space travel. He achieved this by rigging a camera up to a drill spinning at 2,000 reels per minute, slowing periodically to check in with a visibly dishevelled Andrew.

“The very real potential for an accidental trepanation gave the filming an extra potency,” Habicht said. “The terror experienced by the almost broken but fiercely determined space traveler mixes with the candy colours of a delirious unhinged euphoria, with lucid recollections of band members Cameron Deyell and Laurence Pike joining a more fresh-faced Angus from a distant, optimistic and simpler past.”

Andrew vouched for the terror involved in filming the clip, saying: “I thought that spelunking with bats for the ‘Sekwar’ video tested the upper limits of my fear threshold, but it turns out having a revved up drill pointed close to my forehead for a day is truly the stuff of nightmares.”

‘Big Appetite’ comes as the second taste from Liars’ forthcoming tenth album ‘The Apple Drop’, following the May release of ‘Sekwar’. The LP is scheduled to land August 6 via Mute.

Its collective ebb and flow is something Andrew has highlighted as being particularly important for this record, noting a desire to give fans “this sense of transformation and to feel like you were being transported through the wormhole”.


Though Liars is effectively Andrew’s solo project at this point, ‘The Apple Drop’ sees him working closely with drummer Laurence Pike, multi-instrumentalist Cameron Deyell and lyricist Mary Pearson Andrew.

“For the first time I embraced collaboration from an early stage,” Andrew said in a press statement, “allowing the work of others to influence the work of my own.”

Earlier this year, Andrew teamed up with Xiu Xiu for the latter’s single ‘Rumpus Room’.

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