Watch the video for Stand Atlantic’s raucous new single ‘deathwish’ featuring Nothing, Nowhere

An evolution in sound for the pop-punk outfit

Stand Atlantic step up their game in their ambitious new single ‘deathwish’, featuring rapper nothing, nowhere.

The Sydney pop-punk outfit have been hyping up the new track on social media all week, dropping the official music video for the song dropped today (April 30).

‘deathwish’ marks a change in sonic direction for Stand Atlantic, bringing on US emo-trap artist nothing, nowhere, who adds pumped-up elements of rap to the grizzly track.


The official music video is sweet and brightly coloured, a big contrast to the song’s darker lyrical themes. Littered with aggressive profanities that drive the message of being torn and confused, ‘deathwish’ plays out as Stand Atlantic’s members appear through screens of redundant technology, with vocalist-guitarist Bonnie Fraser navigating her way through orange arrows and a sea of blue and orange pills before nothing, nowhere interjects with his vocal talents.

Watch the ‘deathwish’ video below:

In a press release, Fraser said the song serves as a reminder to herself; “Don’t be a little bitch to other people’s opinions, trust yourself instead, you’ll be better than ever”.

“Frankly, I died,” Fraser continued. “I was a servant to the opinions of people who didn’t give a fuck about me… I lost myself and I think the old me had a death-wish all along. But now I’m back and truly have zero fucks left to give.”


‘deathwish’ is the first release from Stand Atlantic since they dropped their album ‘Pink Elephant’ in August of last year.

The sophomore offering included singles ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Blurry’ and ‘Wavelength’.

In their four-star review of ‘Pink Elephant’, NME called the album a “wild ride”.

“Interesting, excitable and with a wicked sense of self, the album is full of big choruses and bigger dreams as the band wear their hearts on their sleeve and chase the thrill of the new.”