Watch The Who’s Roger Daltrey pelt a birthday cake into Sebastian Bach’s face

Not one for celebrating, then?

Footage has emerged of The Who‘s Roger Daltrey throwing a birthday cake into Sebastian Bach’s face – check out the video below.

In celebration of his 76th birthday over the weekend (March 1), Daltrey performed onboard the Rock Legends Cruise VIII, which also welcomed sets from the likes of Roger Hodgson, Nancy Wilson and more across five days.

Also performing was former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, who was tasked with presenting Daltrey with his birthday cake during the latter’s live show.


“I’ve gotta tell you, cakes and The Who are very dangerous,” Daltrey joked to the crowd as Bach made his way over.

After Bach prompted the audience to partake in a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, The Who’s singer took objection by smashing the baked treat into Bach’s face.

“I’m so glad I took a shower!” Bach responded to the unexpected pelting, adding: “If you weren’t Roger Daltrey, this would be a different situation.

“Do we love this man or what? Oh my god, what a disaster!”

Daltrey then said that he “did try and warn” Bach about his dislike for cakes. “Yes, The Who and cakes – or anything to do with The Who and cakes – do not mix,” he explained.


“It’s a good job Keith [Moon] isn’t here as well, because we’d all be covered in cake. Thank you, Sebastian. That was so kind of you, man. Thank you for being such a good sport.”

Meanwhile, The Who are scheduled to perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall later this month as part of this year’s Teenage Cancer Trust bill.