Watch These New South Whales’ warehouse performance for baked sessions

The band play 'Nerve 2 Release' and an unreleased song, 'Film The Cops'

These New South Whales are the latest act to record a studio performance for baked sessions.

The Sydney punks took to a warehouse setting this week to perform their 2019 single ‘Nerve 2 Reverse’, as well as an unreleased song called ‘Film The Cops’. The band tears through the two songs under flickering green light – watch it below:


In a statement with the performance, vocalist Jamie Timony reiterated that ‘Nerve 2 Reverse’ is “about deprogramming and overwriting bad code”.

“Restore yourself to your factory settings—today!”

New song ‘Film The Cops’ is only a minute long, and centres around the titular catch cry to film the police “having lunch…on their own…on their job“. In a social media post in March, the band said they were working on new material, but no further announcements have been made.

These New South Whales are known as much for their music as their Comedy Channel mockumentary series, executively produced by Roger O’Donnell of The Cure. The second season aired last year.

2020 has seen the band launch the What A Great Punk podcast, which sees Timony and fellow New South Whales band member Todd Andrews chat with other Australian musicians about tour stories. Georgia Maq of Camp Cope featured on the latest episode.