Watch Tkay Maidza perform four songs from her latest EP

Maidza released ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2’ back in August

Tkay Maidza has featured in a recent segment by US broadcaster KEXP, where she sat down for an interview and performed an exclusive set.

During the segment, recorded in late October, Maidza performed four tracks from her latest EP, ’24k’, ‘Shook’, ‘My Flowers’ and ‘You Sad’.

Watch the segment below:


During the interview, Maidza spoke of her beginnings as an artist, explaining that she started off by taking community classes two hours from away from her home.

“I decided to record my own vocals for a beat I bought online and the guy that was running the classes was like, ‘oh my god this is like really cool, could I take your vocals and gave it to a dance producer to play around with it?’, and I said ‘yeah, sure, whatever works’,” she told KEXP’s DJ Morgan.

“A couple weeks later, he came back with a song and he uploaded on to triple j Unearthed… and I remember as soon as they played this song I had so many labels, managers and booking agents messaging me.”

Maidza released her latest EP, ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2’, back in August. NME gave the record a four-star review, saying its “boundless creativity takes the rapper to incredible heights”.

Last week, the singer released the music video for ’24k’.


Despite having just released her EP, Maidza has already begun planning new releases, teasing that her next single is set to feature a “legend” who recently appeared on two UK female rappers’ songs.

“From the way its looking were gonna come in strong next yr instead of trying to rush things before end of year now! im still so excited tho I have 2 features locked in for LYWW 3 so far,” Maidza said.