Watch Traffik Island debut new song ‘Animals Doing Human Things’ for Button Pusher

Dressed as a mime

Traffik Island, the solo project of Zak Olsen, has debuted a new song in an unusual performance for the online Button Pusher series.

The series, recorded in the Button Pusher studio, has so far consisted of full band performances from acts including Amyl and The Sniffers. Olsen has previously performed himself, playing material from his 2020 album ‘Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam’ back in April.

This time, Olsen has debuted a single new Traffik Island song entitled ‘Animals Doing Human Things’. He appears alone in the dress and makeup of a mime, under heavy spotlight.


The new song is a significant departure from Olsen’s work as Traffik Island to date, sounding almost like a slow, ragtime number. It also marks a return to vocal music after  the instrumentals heard on ‘Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam’.

It was recorded at home by Traffik Island pianist Jesse Williams, and played by the full Traffik Island live band.

At the time of writing, the song is not available on streaming services. Watch the Button Pusher performance below.

Olsen has appeared on several other projects this year. He produced the forthcoming album from Atlanta rapper SUGGS, ‘We Suggs’, and also played as part of Thibault’s recording band as heard on their debut album, ‘Or Not Thibault’, out today (September 4)


Traffik Island released their debut album ‘Nature Strip’ last year.

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