Watch Wave Racer cover The 1975’s ‘It’s Not Living (If It’s Not Without You)’ for Like A Version

He also performed his latest single 'Look Up To Yourself'

Electronic musician Wave Racer has taken to the triple j studios to deliver a bubbly cover of The 1975‘s ‘It’s Not Living (If It’s Not Without You)’ for Like A Version.

Airing today (August 6), Wave Racer’s cover amps up the bright, pop sounds of the original, with some additional electronic elements thrown into the mix.

“I love the glassy, chimey-pop nature of the production and I really wanted to recreate that in my own cover,” said Wave Racer – real name Tom Purcell – in his post-performance interview.


“I wanted to keep the core of the song intact… but enhance some of the in-between parts and put some of my own little sparkles and synthetic sort of embellishments in between the core elements of the song.”

Check it out below.

In addition to the cover, he also performed his own original track. Purcell opted for his most recent single ‘Look Up To Yourself’, which dropped in July.

Watch that below too.


The track marked his fourth release of the year so far, following on from ‘Left Behind’, ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ and a cover of No Rome‘s ‘Seventeen’.

Purcell is expected to release his first Wave Racer album on October 29, titled ‘To Stop Falling From Off The Earth’.

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