Watch Yungblud cover The Chats’ ‘Smoko’

In a new mashup with his song 'Weird!'

Yungblud has delivered a medley of his latest song ‘Weird’ and a rendition of Brisbane band The Chats‘ viral breakout hit ‘Smoko’.

YUNGBLUD and The Chats’ frontman Eamon Sandwith also had a conversation over Zoom, where he asked Sandwith for his blessing to mash up the two tracks.

“Go for it mate, I’d love to hear it,” Sandwith said.


“Thank you so much, man,” YUNGBLUD replied. “It’s going to be fucking…I promise you I’ll do it justice.”

Watch it in full below:

‘Smoko’ was The Chats’ breakout single back in 2017, and featured on their second EP, ‘Get This In Ya!!’. 2020 marked the release of the band’s debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’, which featured singles ‘Pub Feed’, ‘Identity Thief’, ‘The Clap’ and ‘Dine N Dash’.

“I think people don’t really realise we’re not trying to be virtuoso musicians,” Sandwith told NME Australia earlier this year.

“Sometimes simplicity is better. I don’t wanna hear a fucking eight-minute song with guitar solos and drum solos – I’d rather have it short and to the point.”


Meanwhile, ‘Weird!’ marks YUNGBLUD’s first single of the year. In 2019, he released his latest EP ‘The Underrated Youth’, spawning singles like ‘Parents’, ‘Hope for the Underrated Youth’ and ‘Original Me’ with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds.