Wave Racer announces new remix project, shares Kane West ‘AUTO’ remix

Aspiring producers have been encouraged to submit their own remixes

Wave Racer has announced plans for a remix project centred on his debut studio album, 2021’s ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’.

To commence the project, the Melbourne-based producer has shared a remix of ‘AUTO’, which was originally released as a standalone single back in 2019. Gus Lobban – of the band Kero Kero Bonito – has provided the remix, under his solo moniker of Kane West.

Listen to the remix of ‘AUTO’ below:


In a statement, Lobban explained that he picked ‘AUTO’ from the album to remix because he “knew the stems would be lush and the vocal would sound cool in a club”.

“I used quite a lot from the original, even though it’s a completely different track,” he said. “I cut up the guitar solo and played the snippets back out of time in the wrong order. This remix [also] marks the first appearance of my red Casio CT-S200 on a release. I played it at my club night a few weeks ago, and the crowd went mental.”

Lobban went on to praise Wave Racer as a producer, deeming his work “amongst the highest production values of any producer I know”.

“He had a truly massive, underrated influence on mid-’10s Soundcloud-oriented club pop,” he said.

The Kane West remix of ‘AUTO’ is one of several that are set to feature in a repackaging of ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’ later this year. In addition to more of Wave Racer’s peers working on the project, he has also put a call-out to any aspiring producers that would be interested in submitting a remix.


Those seeking to remix a song from the album are encouraged to provide their email address on Wave Racer’s website, where they will then be sent the stems of every song on the album. Submissions for the remix project close next month on Friday May 27.

Wave Racer released ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’ in November 2021. In a four-star reviewNME described the album as “his most emotionally revealing and resonant music yet”.

“He revels in an apparent nostalgia for MTV synth-rock and ’90s pop-punk, delivering punchy melodies, flashing keys and prominent guitar,” it read.