The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne recounts first acid trip in new video: “I never ordered cheeseburgers on LSD ever again”

"I remember looking in the bag and the french fries are wiggling around"

Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips has recounted his first experience taking acid as part of Comedy Central’s Tales From The Trip series.

“Whatever anxiety people feel when they talk about an acid flashback, I’m feeling it a little bit right now,” Coyne said as he began to recount the trip.

Coyne recalls the trip taking place in 1977, when he was a 16-year-old youth living in Oklahoma City. Sometime after dropping, Coyne and his friends went to a local drive-thru to get some food.


“I’m driving even though I shouldn’t be driving,” Coyne said.

“They’re all coming down…but I’m still kind of in the nether zone of just being exhausted. Moments are happy but a lot of moments are terrified.

“As we got closer to the window…I could see, a car or two ahead of me, I could see some commotion, some dudes, they tried to grab the cash register.

“The window is all demolished. Somehow, the glass cuts the guy’s wrist. I don’t know if you’ve seen blood from an artery, it flies out. This is in 1977, this is long before people would handle human blood like a strange substance.”

Before long, the ‘thieves’ left the scene and Coyne received his food from the drive-thru attendant.


“I remember looking in the bag and the french fries are wiggling around…I never ordered cheeseburgers on LSD ever again.”

The Flaming Lips performed their first ‘bubble concert’ in Oklahoma City earlier this month. Band and audience members were each enclosed in giant bubbles for the duration of the gig, in an effort to maintain social distancing.

The group are planning to tour the UK in Summer next year, having rescheduled their 2020 dates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Flaming Lips released their most recent album, ‘American Head’, in September. In a four-star reviewNME called the record “a beautiful ode to love and loss that handles the subjects with grace”.