Whitney announce new covers album, ‘Candid’

The band have also shared a new cover of The Roches' 'Hammond Song'

Whitney have announced the forthcoming release of a 10-track covers album titled ‘Candid’.

The album announcement coincides with the release of a new cover of The Roches’ ‘Hammond Song’, which is the third track to be lifted from the forthcoming record.

Listen to Whitney’s cover of ‘Hammond Song’ below:


In a statement, Whitney drummer Julien Ehrlich said the band discovered the Roches’ track years ago.

“‘Hammond Song’ became a song that was always around for us and then we showed it to the rest of the band. This cover is the longest Whitney recording ever and pretty much everything you hear on it is totally live, save for the horns and the slide solo,” he said.

‘Candid’ will also include Whitney’s recent covers of John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’, performed with Waxahatchee’s Kate Crutchfield, and their May rendition of SWV’s ‘Rain’. The record will be released August 14 through Secretly Canadian.

Ehrlich said the tracks they selected were band favourites that fell outside of their musical comfort zone.

“This could’ve been as simple as saying we really love these songs and we love our bandmates and making a covers record just felt right, but it truly became an exploration into how we can evolve as a band going forward,” he said.


Whitney released their second album, ‘Forever Turned Around’, in August last year. Upon its release, NME gave the album a three-star review, calling it “a slow-burnin’ collection that’s certainly less immediate than their debut, and often feels like a retread instead of a progression”.

The tracklist for ‘Candid’ is:

01. ‘Bank Head’
02. ‘A.M. A.M’
03. ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads (Ft. Waxahatchee)’
04. ‘High on a Rocky Ledge’
05. ‘Something Happen’
06. ‘Strange Overtones’
07. ‘Hammond Song’
08. ‘Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying’
09. ‘Rain’
10. ‘Rainbows and Ridges’

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