Wiley has surprise-released another new album, ‘Boasty Gang’

'The Godfather 3', the grime star's "final" album, came out earlier this month

Wiley has surprise-released another new album – listen to ‘Boasty Gang – The Album’ below.

It comes after the grime star released his ‘The Godfather 3’ album earlier this month, which he called his “final” album.

Released with no warning, and simply a link to stream the album sent in a tweet, ‘Boasty Gang – The Album’ features 19 tracks and clocks in at nearly an hour long.


Wiley then shared another link to the album, labelling it “WindRush Music” as the UK celebrates Windrush Day today (June 22), to mark the anniversary of the Windrush migration, in which thousands of people from the Carribean arrived in the UK.

Talking about bowing out after ‘The Godfather 3’ recently, Wiley said: “When they blocked Full Circle [a new album of his set to be released in 2019 but then scrapped], I made it my goal to make sure the grime scene wheels are spinning before I leave. I need those wheels to be spinning.”

“I’m 41. I don’t want to try and fit in with kids. I just need to not let my genre die on the way out.” Listen to ‘Boasty Gang’ below.

Reviewing ‘The Godfather 3’, NME wrote: “Whether this is his farewell, or yet another stake in the conversation as grime’s presence grows bigger globally, Wiley has executed his vision with aplomb. Rather than cowering from a tumultuous year full of set-backs, he’s taken the opportunity to deliver a long-awaited, cohesive project built on depth, clarity and nostalgia.”


Wiley also recently said that his long-standing beef with Stormzy is over. Speaking to The Guardian in a rare interview, Wiley said: “We’re over it now. I’ve spoken to Stormzy, I’ve got love for him. I just wish he hadn’t jumped in the way to defend Ed; that’s the only reason it happened.

“Ed Sheeran, England’s golden boy – he can use you, but you’re not allowed to use him.’

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