Will Hyde shares debut EP ‘with u in mind.’

The six-track collection includes previously released singles ‘over u.’ and ‘easy for u.’

Melbourne pop artist Will Hyde has shared his debut EP today (October 23), titled ‘with u in mind.’.

The six-track EP comprises of Hyde’s previously released singles ‘over u.’, ‘easy for u.’, ‘meant for u.’ and ‘dark until september’, as well as new cuts ‘too close to love.’ and ‘misfit.’.

Listen to ‘with u in mind.’ below:


Discussing the EP in a press release, Hyde described how the tracks chronicle different parts of his life over the past few years.

“‘with u in mind’ feels like a snapshot in time for me,” he said. “i love the fact that i can revisit these songs & listen to them as a diary entry/chapter from a different part of my life.”

“the thing i love about the world is that everything is constantly changing, my situation now is not my situation tomorrow. knowing i can use these songs as a reference point for getting thru obstacles i will surely face in the future, makes me feel grateful.”

He went on to explain how the songs he wrote for the EP grapple with a range of feelings and experiences, resulting in an atmospherically diverse musical offering.

‘with u in mind’ summarises a lot of emotions over the body of work,” added Hyde. “it’s sort of scattered sonically yet tied together with the same umbrella of emotions i was feeling – hurt, rejection, shame, love, connection, hope.”


Prior to releasing music under his own name, Hyde was one part of an electronic duo called SŸDE, with friend Mitch Stephens.