Willow Smith opens up about her “very fragile” mental health

"I felt extremely unsafe in my music career in the past"

Willow Smith has discussed her experiences of having anxiety attacks on stage in a new conversation with Yungblud.

Speaking on The YUNGBLUD Podcast (per HotNewHipHop), Smith said: “I felt extremely unsafe in my music career in the past and that feeling of insecurity or unsafety like I didn’t feel protected, which went really deep.”

Explaining that many of her painful memories from early live appearances had “just been resurfacing,” the singer pinpointed a performance on The Jimmy Fallon Show as a particularly triggering moment.


“I had like a flashback of being like 10 or nine and having like an anxiety attack on set and basically feeling like everyone around me was like ‘You’re just a brat. Why aren’t you grateful?'” she said.

WIllow Smith
WILLOW in 2017. Credit: Getty

“They didn’t see it as an anxiety attack, they saw it as a tantrum. Now, I look back and know it was an anxiety attack. [I] tell myself that, ‘You’re not nine, you’re a grown-ass woman.’ I have to retrain my mind.

“My mental health is in a very fragile state, but I think it’s in a state where it’s about to grow in a really awesome way.”

Earlier this month (July 18), WILLOW – as she is known artistically – had her head shaved on stage during a performance of ‘Whip My Hair’.


In a four-star review of WILLOW’s new album, NME wrote: “With ‘lately I feel EVERYTHING’, the child star-turned-music-innovator sends a fond farewell to adolescence. It was a risky move, switching from conscious R&B star to grungy punk beau, but WILLOW has knocked all doubts out of the park – again.”

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