Windwaker leap into unexplored territory on bright new single ‘Glow’

It arrives alongside a cinematic video with bold sci-fi themes

Melbourne outfit Windwaker have shared a soaring new single titled ‘Glow’, welcoming fans to a more dynamic and melodically charged side of their formerly metal-adjacent style.

Sharp drum machine beats and glittery synths open the track, with frontman Will King’s restrained singing laid eloquently overtop. His angelic tenor on ‘Glow’ is a far cry from the grisly, pit-inciting roars heard in years past, though when thrashing drums and roaring lead guitars launch him into the chorus, King erupts into a boisterous yell evocative of stadium-rock’s greatest.

The track arrives alongside a cinematic video – directed by Indey Salvestro and co-produced by Crow River Visuals and Andrew Vaughan – that melds a tight outdoor performance with sci-fi themes (drawing particular influence from Russell Mulcahy’s 1986 film Highlander). Take a look at that below:


In a press release, Windwaker explained that ‘Glow’ follows a striking narrative, taking place “in the shoes of an extremely insecure, impressionable person reflecting on who they’ve become, and rediscovering themselves”. They continued: “In this life, it’s so easy to become swallowed up by the world, simply conforming for the sake of ‘blending in’ or the sake of comfort. 

“We forget to be mindful. ‘Glow’ encourages listeners to rekindle themselves with the kind of curious spark you find within as a child, and bringing that feeling back to the forefront. It’s the untouchable essence that makes you – YOU.”

‘Glow’ comes as the third single to be shared from Windwaker’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Love Language’, following ‘Beautiful’ last month and ‘Lucy’ earlier in March. The album itself is due out on May 6 via Fearless Records / Cooking Vinyl. According to the band, it explores topics like “adolescence, identity, belonging, nostalgia, mindfulness, death [and] altered consciousness”.

They explained in a statement that while ‘Love Language’ “displays typical traits of a concept album”, it’s “left very much open-ended lyrically in its ambiguous, open-book type format”. They continued: “‘Love Language’ defines fear and love as fleeting moments, encouraging listeners to take an intuitive leap in all situations, confront themselves and their surroundings, never taking a moment presented for granted. 


“In a balance of chaos vs. control, we manifest, and must take all things as they come, operating with the best intent. We are alive. We are breathing. We are fear and we are love.”