Wolf & Cub return on new single ‘Blue State’, announce new album ‘NIL’

Their first new music in seven years

Wolf & Cub have returned with their first new music in seven years with single ‘Blue State’. They’ve also announced a forthcoming fourth album, ‘NIL’, with the prolific Johnathon Boulet joining the band on drums.

The new track jettisons the psychedelia of their earlier work in favour of a darker, heavier sound. ‘Blue State’ arrives with a graphic music video directed by David Robinson-Smith, which sees a man stalk and eventually murder a tradie – watch it below:


Vocalist Joel Byrne said ‘Blue State’ reflects on class appropriation.

“I grew up in a blue collar town; my father was raised to be a working class man,” Byrne said.

“But my upbringing was very different to his. He had expectations for us that we should attend university and have opportunities that he considered valuable because they weren’t offered to him. And now this has been flipped. We’ve appropriated his upbringing and his experience and wear the blue collar tag like a badge of honour. It’s interesting to see other artists channel it so overtly.”

‘NIL’ will be the first Wolf & Cub album to be released on Byrne’s own label, Part Time Records. The band produced the record themselves, and recorded it over the “protracted period” since the release of their last album ‘Heavyweight’ in 2013.

“My measurement for Wolf & Cub’s success in my late-thirties is significantly different from what it was at the beginning of our career,” Byrne said in a press release.

“There’s no burden of expectation here.”


A release date for ‘NIL’ has not yet been announced.