Wolfjay and Austen team up for new single ‘Very Soon, Very Frequent’

A reworked version of their #DIYSupergroup competition entry

Melbourne producer Wolfjay and pop artist Austen have teamed up for their new track ‘Very Soon, Very Frequent’. Listen to it below:

The collaboration was born in isolation after both Wolfjay and Austen were confined to their sharehouse together due to coronavirus-imposed restrictions.


“I had just gotten to New York to play my first International shows when COVID-19 hit and the festival I was there for was cancelled,” Wolfjay said in a press statement.

“We got straight on a plane back to Melbourne and went into quarantine, which was where Very Soon, Very Frequent was born. The song is about crossing paths with someone at the exact moment you can help them and they can help you, and even if it’s only for a little while, it’s exactly what you both need.”

On social media, Wolfjay also said that they’ll be donating all proceeds made from all of their songs in June and July to Indigenous LGBTQIA+ charity, Black Rainbow.

This isn’t the first version of the song that the duo have released. Under the title ‘Very Soon’, the two submitted an earlier version of the song as an entry into triple j Unearthed’s #DIYSupergroup competition

The initial version of ‘Very Soon’ was built on stems provided by Middle Kids, Tame Impala and G Flip, and made Wolfjay and Austen one of five finalists in line to potentially take out the whole thing. They were beaten out by ROYBOY and their track ‘switchUP’.