Wolfmother embrace EDM on new single ‘High on My Own Supply’

Fans of the band are not happy

Wolfmother, the rock-revival project of singer-songwriter Andrew Stockdale, have taken a surprising turn with the release of new single ‘High on My Own Supply’.

The new track has done away with the hard rock the band are known for and opted for the sound of early 2010s EDM. Guitars are completely absent, replaced by midi piano, synths and, chipmunked vocals.

Wolfmother shared the song to social media yesterday to the great upset of fans. Listen to it below:


The reaction to the song across social media from longtime fans of the band’s nostalgic rock sound has been markedly negative.




It’s the first time either the band or Stockdale as a solo artist have strayed from guitar rock. In April, Stockdale shared a karaoke version of another new song called ‘Metal and Fire’ on Facebook, which sounded more typical of the band.

During the beginning of coronavirus-induced lockdown, Stockdale shared a home recording on Facebook every single day, usually a classic rock cover or an original in progress. Last month, he shared a home-recorded version of Wolfmother’s 2006 hit ‘Joker and the Thief’.

Wolfmother released their fifth studio album ‘Rock’n’ Roll Baby’ in 2019, following another lineup change. Stockdale released his second solo album, ‘Slipstream’, the year prior.