Women announce rarities EP, 10th anniversary reissue of ‘Public Strain’

Hear the unreleased song 'Everyone Is So In Love With You' now

Women, the Calgary post-punk band that preceded Preoccupations, have announced a tenth anniversary reissue of their second and final album, ‘Public Strain’. They’ve also detailed an accompanying compilation of rare songs and B-sides from their three years as a band.

‘Rarities 2007-2010’ will feature five hard to find or unreleased songs that have now been mastered for the first time.

The band have shared the compilation’s opening track, ‘Everyone Is So In Love With You’ ahead of the release — markedly different from the band’s studio output in its sparse acoustic guitar and dissonant cello. Listen to it below.


The tenth anniversary reissue of ‘Public Strain’ will leave the original album untouched, now pressed on clear vinyl. ‘Rarities 2007-2010’ will be released digital on October 2, with a vinyl release expected to ship January 22. The limited edition ‘Public Strain’ will ship in November. Pre-orders are available here.

Alongside the announcement, label Jagjaguwar winkingly tweeted: “Everyone who bought The Velvet Underground’s first album started a band. Everyone who bought Women’s ‘Public Strain’ started a Bandcamp”.

Following the release of ‘Public Strain’ in 2010, the band took an indefinite hiatus which became permanent when guitarist Christopher Reimer died in his sleep in 2012. Matthew Flegel and Michael Wallace went on to form Viet Cong, before changing their name to Preoccupations in 2016 after receiving criticism for the offensive connotations.

In a review upon its release in 2010, NME gave ‘Public Strain’ a four star rating, writing “[we] already knew that Women could aim for the head, but the likes of ‘Penal Colony’’s melancholy choral balladry and ‘Venice Lockjaw’’s sweetly nostalgic lullaby prove that they can now bury their way down to the heart just as well”.

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