Woodes and The Kite String Tangle form new duo Tornado Club, drop debut single

'Something Was Missing' is the first output from a partnership formed in 2019

Woodes and The Kite String Tangle have teamed up for their new joint project Tornado Club, and today have dropped their debut single ‘Something Was Missing’.

The project has been in the works since the end of 2019, before continuing to work on it remotely throughout the past year. A brief documentary on how Tornado Club came to be is available to view via the duo’s official website.

‘Something Was Missing’ features vocals from both Woodes (Elle Graham) and The Kite String Tangle (Danny Harley) over club-ready production veering away from what we’ve come to expect from either artist.


Watch the music video for ‘Something Was Missing’, done by PixelFrame and directed by Lucas Thyer, below.

“This has been one of the most natural periods of songwriting I’ve ever experienced,” Harle said of the new project.

“It was really cathartic and grounding to be writing music with Elle, without any expectations, during a time of personal volatility. In the end, it has created something really special which we’re both really excited to continue building upon.”

In a separate statement, Graham revealed the music made as Tornado Club was never intended to be released.

“This music was never really created to be released or shared, it was just the two of us using song-writing as a way of working through something,” she said.


“I’m a massive fan of Danny’s production, writing and the world he creates around his music. Making this duo together has been an important and inspiring new chapter for me. I’m proud of what we’ve created and look forward to sharing where it goes.”

Tornado Club isn’t the first time the duo have worked together, with Harley lending production to Woodes’ debut album ‘Crystal Ball’, which dropped last year.

In a review of the albumNME‘s Ali Shutler wrote, “Even within a cinematic album of otherworldly escape, Woodes still manages to create a powerfully intimate record that tackles both life and fantasy with a fierce resolve.”

2020 also saw the release of The Kite String Tangle’s second album ‘C()D3X’, the follow-up to his 2017 self-titled debut.