Yumi Zouma announce alternate version of ‘Truth or Consequences’

They also shared lead single 'Lie Like You Want Me Back'

Yumi Zouma have announced the release of an alternate version of their latest full-length album, ‘Truth or Consequences’, which consists of various rearrangements of the original.

The alt-pop outfit also shared the lead single from the album, ‘Lie Like You Want Me Back’, which foregoes the pulsing dance beat of the original for a stripped-back acoustic rendition. The song also premiered with a lyric video. Watch it below:


‘Truth or Consequences (Alternate Versions)’ is scheduled to drop on October 28. The band will share a re-imagined track every week up to its release.

Per a press release, the inspiration behind the alternate versions stemmed from the band’s involuntary lack of touring due to the coronavirus pandemic. The original version of ‘Truth or Consequences’ was released on March 13, the day after the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 an official global pandemic.

“We’d missed out on such a crucial part of the process – with no concrete idea of when we might next get the chance,” the band said in a statement.

“It felt too soon to move on – we felt the pull to work on new music, but still felt a strong attachment, an unresolved connection to this new record that we’d laboured over and had waited so long to release. These ten new arrangements reflect our feelings of optimism, helplessness, and a desire to keep exploring.”

In March, Yumi Zouma guitarist Josh Burgess spoke to NME Australia on how the pandemic had affected them.


“Our album [‘Truth or Consequences’] came out on Friday the 13th, pretty much the day shit hit the fan in the US,” he said.

“Overnight, the spanner of all spanners was jammed into the works. Obviously, that has immediate financial repercussions that hurt, but it won’t sink us completely. It’s a bit hard to even make sense of it all. We’re trying to focus on our community of fans and people who work alongside us and say, ‘We’re here, we feel what you’re feeling.’”

‘Truth or Consequences (Alternate Versions)’ can be pre-ordered from this link.

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