Yumi Zouma announce new album ‘Present Tense’

The band have also shared new single 'In the Eyes of Our Love' alongside a video helmed by director Alex Ross Perry

New Zealand indie quartet Yumi Zouma have announced their fourth studio album, ‘Present Tense’.

To coincide with the announcement, the band have shared new single ‘In the Eyes of Our Love’, a shimmering burst of big-energy guitar-pop. It’s the third to be lifted from the forthcoming album, following earlier singles ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Give It Hell’.

The new single arrives alongside a video helmed by director Alex Ross Perry (Queen of Earth, Golden Exits, Her Smell). It’s the first in a trilogy of interconnected visuals, with two more singles from ‘Present Tense’ to follow before the album is released on March 18 via [PIAS] Australia. Watch that below:


‘Present Tense’ will mark Yumi Zouma’s fourth studio album, following on from 2020’s ‘Truth or Consequences’. You can pre-order the record here.

Formed in New Zealand, the band’s members are now spread throughout the globe, with guitarist/vocalist Josh Burgess in New York, multi-instrumentalist Charlie Ryder in London, and vocalist Christie Simpson and drummer Olivia Campion in Christchurch and Wellington respectively.

‘Present Tense’ came together in both remote and in-person sessions at studios in Wellington, Florence, New York, Los Angeles and London, drawing on demos from as early as 2018.

“The lyrics on these songs feel like premonitions, in some regards. So much has changed for us, both personally and as a band, that things I wrote because the words sounded good together now speak to me in ways I didn’t anticipate,” explained Simpson in an accompanying statement.


“We used to run on adrenaline, and if a song wasn’t working we’d just nip it in the bud and move on. This process gave us the opportunity to really sit with songs and rethink them until they felt like they belonged in the collection,” Burgess added.

The tracklist for Yumi Zouma’s ‘Present Tense’ is:

1. ‘Give It Hell’
2. ‘Mona Lisa’
3. ‘If I Had the Heart For Chasing’
4. ‘Where the Light Used To Lay’
5. ‘Razorblade’
6. ‘In the Eyes of Our Love’
7. ‘Of Me And You’
8. ‘Honestly, It’s Fine’
9. ‘Haunt’
10. ‘Astral Projection’