Yungblud acts on promise to paint pride flag on Polish street

"Never ever change who you are"

Yungblud has made good on his promise to paint the pride flag on a Polish street after pledging to do so in 2020.

The singer-songwriter posted a video on his social media platforms yesterday (May 11) that shows him painting the colours of the LGBTQIA+ flag on a street outside the Expo XXI venue in Warsaw where he’d played a show on Tuesday evening (May 10).

Footage shows Yungblud – real name Dominic Harrison – shouting “never ever change who you are” to fans who were huddled outside watching him paint.


It comes nearly two years after Harrison responded to a fan’s tweet. The fan wrote: “I’m jealous cause I live in Poland. It’s the most homophobic country I’ve ever seen” in reaction to an image Yungblud shared on himself standing on a pride flag painting in London.

“The pavements will be painted in beautiful colours. im gonna paint the fuckin street myself outside the venue next time i am there, we will do it together and smile. we will keep fighting. all my love is with you,” Harrison wrote to the fan.

Now, with the live music events industry largely up and running in the wake of COVID, Yungblud has been able to return to Poland and finally honour his promise to the fan.

“It’s fuckin led based paint too , try gettin that off 😈😈😈,” Harrison added in a follow-up Tweet.

The soloist came out as pansexual in December 2020, crediting his ex-partner Halsey as helping him to identify his sexuality [via Attitude].


Yungblud and Willow
Yungblud and Willow – CREDIT: Press

In other news, earlier this month the musician shared an emotive new video with Willow for the song ‘Memories’.

Towards the end of last year Yungblud was pictured in the studio with Willow when the pair first hinted at a forthcoming collaboration. Willow uploaded a snap of herself and Harrison posing together in the studio, with the latter sharing a similar image on his Stories feed.

Yungblud also recently teased the collaboration via a video on his Instagram featuring Willow.

Speaking about the new track, Yungblud said: “This song is about letting go of past traumas you may have experienced and voicing them to the world.

“There’s something freeing about turning painful memories from your past into lessons for your future – I want people to scream this song out and it be cathartic. It’s about coming together and shedding pain, turning it into positive energy and sharing the burden with each other.”