Yusuf/Cat Stevens to release reimagined version of ‘Tea for the Tillerman’

“Like it was destiny waiting to happen, T4TT² feels like the timing of its message has arrived again"

Yusuf/Cat Stevens has announced that he will be releasing a reimagined version of his 1970 album ‘Tea for the Tillerman’.

Titled ‘Tea for the Tillerman²’, the British singer-songwriter’s upcoming release sees him rework the 11 songs that featured on the original album, first released November 23, 1970.

The concept for the updated version grew out of a conversation between Yusuf and his son about how to celebrate the album’s 50th anniversary, giving birth to the idea of reimagining and re-recording the songs.


According to a press release, “the songs on T4TT² sonically resonate again, as loud today as ever. The album speaks anew of concern for the natural world and examines some of our most profound relationships, generation to generation, underpinned by a longing for spiritual union in an unpredictable and increasingly broken materialistic world.”

Cat Stevens

‘Tea for the Tillerman²’ will see Yusuf/Cat Stevens reunite with producer Paul Samwell-Smith and guitarist Alun Davies, who both worked on the original album. They will be joined by Bruce Lynch on bass, guitarist Eric Appapoulay, and multi-instrumentalist Kwame Yeboah, with additional support from Jim Cregan on guitar and Peter Vettese on keys.

“Though my songwriting adventures were never limited to Tillerman, the songs on that album certainly defined me and pointed the way for my mysterious life’s journey,” Yusuf/Cat Stevens said in a press release. “Since those originative sessions in Morgan Studios, Willesden, in 1970, Tillerman has grown and developed its own gravitas and influence on music history and as the soundtrack to so many people’s lives.”

He concluded: “Like it was destiny waiting to happen, T4TT² feels like the timing of its message has arrived again.”


Due for release on September 18, you can pre-order ‘Tea for the Tillerman²’ here.

Yusuf/Cat Stevens was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2019, alongside Missy Elliott, John Prine, and more.