Zheani takes no prisoners on new single ‘Fuck the Hollywood Cult’

"This song is about channeling that corrosive energy"

Melbourne-based artist Zheani has shared a new single, entitled ‘Fuck the Hollywood Cult’.

The song is Zheani’s first solo single of 2021 following a feature on 4s4ski’s ‘FAIRYTALE’ in April. The song also marks the artist’s debut single for Dirty Hit, the British label best known for acts such as The 1975 and Wolf Alice being on its roster.

‘Fuck the Hollywood Cult’ was produced by Tayves Yosef Pelletier, better known under the moniker of King Yosef. Pelletier also served as the song’s co-writer, alongside Zheani herself.


Its accompanying music video is shot from a POV perspective, in the spirit of The Prodigy‘s controversial ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ clip. Filmed in Zheani’s Melbourne apartment, it depicts the artist pushing around an unknown figure under dark lighting and flashing imagery. Zheani co-created the video alongside Mik Shida.

Watch the video below:

In a press statement, Zheani explained that the song is a direct response to ongoing allegations of abuse toward prominent figures in the music and entertainment industry.

“Like moths to the flame, the greatest beauties of our age are gathered to be used and degraded,” she said.

“Their fall [is] monetised and forced into the minds of the next generation of victims. The cult grooms their next crop of whores, and they’re rewarded with mountains of gold for a crime untold.


“This song is about channeling that corrosive energy and turning it back on whence it came.”

Zheani served as the opening act on The Veronicas‘ Australian tour earlier this year. Prior to signing with Dirty Hit, she also released the ‘Satanic Prostitute’ EP in 2019 and ‘The Zheani Sparkes EP’ in 2020.