Paul Kelly addresses climate change inaction on brand-new song

The revered Australian songwriter has had enough

Famed Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly has addressed climate change and the Australian government’s inaction to the issue on his brand-new single, ‘Sleep, Australia, Sleep’, released today.

In a recent article written by Kelly for the Sydney Morning Herald, he said he believed humanity has “reached a tipping point where [our] attitude is doing terrible harm to all life on earth.

“I hope the song doesn’t come true but some of it already has.”


The lyrics for ‘Sleep, Australia, Sleep’, were published exclusively through the SMH arts section, Spectrum, in advance of the song’s official release today. In it, Kelly addresses his perceptions of the incompetence of the Scott Morrison government throughout Australia’s recent environmental crises.

Watch Paul Kelly perform ‘Sleep, Australia, Sleep’ with Pub Choir below:

This song is the latest addition in Kelly’s already extensive discography of humanitarian and environmental topics. Among Kelly’s best-known works are songs like ‘Emotional’, about refugees in detention camps, and ‘Special Treatment’, which addressed the considerations of Indigenous Australians.

‘Sleep, Australia, Sleep’ is out now through EMI Music.