Ronnie Wood thinks the Rolling Stones are “indestructible”

They've been through the wars

Ronnie Wood thinks The Rolling Stones are “indestructible” after multiple members have survived health scares.

Wood beat lung cancer in 2017 while drummer Charlie Watts beat throat cancer in 2006 after undergoing two operations. Earlier this year, frontman Mick Jagger had heart surgery and, in 2006, Keith Richards suffered a brain haemorrhage after falling out of a tree.

Speaking to The Sun, Wood said: “After 50 years of chain smoking, my life was hanging by a thread, but I survived. The doctors were able to remove the tumour from my left lung, thank God the cancer had not spread.


“Not to forget Charlie, who had laryngeal cancer a few years ago, and Keith, with his heavy bleeding after falling from a palm tree. Everything went well, a big miracle. The Stones are simply indestructible.”

The guitarist added that he was healthier than he’d ever been. “Now my lungs are working like a young man who never smoked. I finally quit smoking four years ago. The ‘70s were by far my wildest time.”

Earlier this year, Wood recalled how he used to take a bunsen burner to parties so he could smoke cocaine. “I felt that with the base, the ­freebase, it was controlling me. I had no control over it,” he said in the documentary Somebody Up There Likes Me. “It took me about three years to get off it.”

He continued: “I enjoyed the shit out of it. Took it with me wherever I went. I thought it was the best thing going. I would take it to parties and go, ‘Everybody try this’, get [a] great big bunsen burner out, the pipes, the works, freebase and ­everything. And people would be going, ‘You’re fucking crazy’ but I would love it.”