Scottish rapper claims Eminem stole album concept for ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ from him

“It could well be a coincidence.”

A rapper from Scotland has accused Eminem of copying a concept and song title from a single released five years ago and using it for his latest album, ‘Music To Be Murdered By’.

Dundee native Darren Stewart, who performs under the name Zee the Dungeonous, claims the hip hop star also copied the release date for his eleventh studio album, which dropped on Friday (January 17).

Stewart told the Evening Telegraph that he released a single called ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ five years ago to the day that Eminem shared his latest record with the world, which, like Stewart’s track, also also samples Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 vinyl record of the same name.


“When I heard the Hitchcock samples, the same title and release date I did start to get a little freaked out,” Stewart said. “[Eminem] is one of my idols and it could well be a coincidence but you do hear stories of richer artists with louder fan bases getting away with that sort of thing.”

The rapper is additionally suspicious of Eminem due to having personal connections with the rap legend’s D12 collective. Stewart previously worked with former D12 member Bizarre.

“I had a guest feature from Bizarre on my album, who I met after a concert in Glasgow in 2008, which I released two years before ‘Music to be Murdered By’ which was called ‘Murder Zee Wrote’,” he said.

Stewart’s childhood friend, rapper Gavin Bain (aka Brains McLoud, one half of the duo Silibil N’ Brains) also knows members of the Detroit collective because he collaborated with Stewart while the latter was on a UK tour in support of Eminem years ago.

“People started contacting me thinking about the similarities between the works and that’s what got me thinking,” Stewart added.


“We have our connections to D12 and it doesn’t put it too far out of the realm of possibility that Eminem, through Bizarre, heard my track, dug for the sample I used, and took the concept.

“I’ve tweeted Eminem about it and also contacted Bizarre. I wouldn’t say I was annoyed, if it’s straight-up coincidence then I would be amazed.”

Stewart and Bain were featured in a 2013 documentary called The Great Hip Hop Hoax after their attempts to trick record company executives into believing they were a rap duo from California made headlines.

Polydor Records, with whom Eminem is signed (under Interscope in the US) declined to comment on Stewart’s allegations when asked by The Sun. Its parent company Universal Music Group failed to respond.

In related news, Eminem has responded to his critics after seemingly making light of the 2017 Manchester Arena attack on new album song ‘Unaccommodating’.

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