‘The Walking Dead’ star says Norman Reedus’ comments made him “gag” while filming gruesome scene

"It was so nasty"

IronE Singleton, who played Theodore ‘T-Dog’ Douglas in The Walking Dead, has recalled filming a particularly gruesome scene during which co-star Norman Reedus’ jokes made him “gag.”

In the scene, Douglas and Reedus’ Darryl Dixon discover a zombie at the bottom of a well. While trying to remove it to prevent their water supply from being contaminated, the zombie splits in half.

Recalling the shoot during a conference at Wizard World, Singleton said: “It was so nasty. I was gagging because we were out in a dirt field and there was a lot of dust being kicked up after every take, and then that mixed with the fact that this zombie was so disgusting.”


Reedus then looked at the zombie’s innards and commented ‘What is that? Poop?’, Singleton said. “Billy [Gierhart], who was our director on that show, he walked over to me, and I couldn’t stop gagging throughout the scene.

“He said, ‘IronE, I like the gag, but let’s try something else. Let’s do it a little differently.’ I was like, ‘I can’t help it, man! The dust is in my throat, I’m looking at this disgusting walker.”

Meanwhile, AMC last week unveiled that it plans to host several The Walking Dead panels at the first virtual Comic-Con.

The virtual event, which is due to take place July 23-26, is being put on in place of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con after it was cancelled for the first time in its 50 year history due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this month, The Walking Dead actor Andrew J West detailed his experience working with Andrew Lincoln, praising his “method” technique while explaining a particularly physical scene.