’24’ could be making a comeback with Kiefer Sunderland as Jack Bauer

Could Jack be coming back?

A revival of 24 might be on the way, with Kiefer Sunderland reprising his role as Jack Bauer.

Former 24 showrunner Howard Gordon teased the news of a new project at a Homeland panel, according to Deadline.

“Fox certainly wants to do it, and we’re talking,” Gordon said.


“When I say talking, what it will be. The big headline being it has to be worth doing. We can’t do it to just do it. We want to find the right story.”

Said story remains under wraps, but there is the suggestion that Kiefer Sutherland could be on his way back.

“I hope that there will be some traction this spring, just deciding what it might be,” said Gordon.

Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn also explained where the series lies in the studio’s mind, following their decision not to greenlight two spin-off series earlier this year.

“We continue to talk about 24,” said Thorn. “There is nothing that is ready to announce on either front but if there is a way to do another 24, we would be thrilled to do it. But it has got to feel special and worthy of doing as opposed to just another season.”